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You may also be able to get a loan without a job. In 2018, wages are not the only source of income. There are quite a number of people in Latvia who are sufficiently permanent and receive a salary as a self-employed person, student (scholarship) or earn a retirement or retirement pension. Similarly, there are many non-salaried entrepreneurs who receive dividend income and workers without official income in the envelope. All of these people do not have a formal job, but have real and verifiable income that allows them to assess their ability to pay and decide on a loan.


Where to get instant credit cheaper?

Where to get instant credit cheaper?

Applying for a loan in Latvia and getting a quick loan can be more beneficial at the first time. The company is interested in attracting new customers for long-term cooperation and is ready for the first time to make less or no profit at all. One of the most popular stocks is interest-free credit, which applies to short-term loans. By choosing this option you can save on commissions (8-10 percent on average). If you want to borrow, check out the Credit home page . For example, a loan of 50 to 500 dollars for 30 days with a 0% commission or a long term loan of 2000 dollars or more. On the positive side, neither of these types of loans requires a pledge or guarantor.


What is the procedure for issuing a loan?

What is the procedure for issuing a loan?

Everyone who is out of work or receiving unofficial income, for the most part, is already aware that when granting instant credit, the data is checked electronically. Creditors  evaluates data on taxes paid in SRS (State Revenue Service) and SSIA (State Social Insurance Agency) databases. If the information is incomplete or raises doubts about the client’s solvency, the client is asked to send a bank account statement for the last 3 to 12 months. For borrowers without official income, who have nothing in their bank account, the chances of borrowing are minimal. The exception is when the lender relies on the information provided by the customer and does not value the solvency at all. For anyone else who has an official income on their bank account, the chances of getting a quick loan are much higher.

Before granting a loan, creditors also evaluate the customer’s credit history. It’s no secret that having a bad credit history is now one of the main obstacles to borrowing. This means that borrowers who are entered in debtors’ records due to late payments or other debts are at a disadvantage. If the credit history database shows that old debts have been paid off some time ago, the chances of borrowing are increasing, but the result is unpredictable. From a lender’s perspective, customers who have already delayed payments may not seem reliable enough, but each situation is different. Quick credit without a job with a bad credit history could be granted to someone who receives a large pension and has settled their old debt. According to statistics, there are quite a number of pensioners in Latvia whose pension is over 1000 dollars per month, although for the vast majority of pensioners the income is below 500 dollars.

The time it takes to issue a loan will vary, but applying for a quick loan during business hours can take money in one bank account within 15 minutes of approving your application. If you have an account with another bank, there is a slight chance that you may have to wait up to one business day to receive the money.


Can I borrow money without a job?

Can I borrow money without a job?

There is no reason why people who are not in employment but have another form of income cannot qualify for credit. At the same time, it is important to remember that a job does not mean no income. Each loan is a serious financial obligation, the creditors of which have a right of action against the debtor’s movable and immovable property. The recovery involves the debt collectors and / or the court and the additional costs incurred must be reimbursed to the debtor. It is irresponsible and damaging to take a loan without income because you have to return the money anyway. Quick loans usually have to be repaid within 30 days, but there are also loans that can be repaid over several years by paying off your debt on schedule.

When applying for a loan, the contract shows you all the potential costs – principal, interest, commission, etc. To avoid any misunderstanding, take the time and carefully read the terms of the contract and the responsibilities of the parties. Latvian law provides that any party may offer to make changes to the contract.


Quick loans without a job – get it right away

Quick loans without a job - get it right away

Loans on the Internet in Latvia are available within 10 – 15 minutes after approval of the application. Interbank and non-cash transfers are very fast. Any citizen of the Republic of Latvia who meets the conditions of lenders can receive a loan in a bank account without a job. Borrowing without official income for up to 30 days, 3 months or 1 year in 2019 is practically impossible. The law requires credit specialists to check a customer’s income in electronic databases. When applying for a loan, the amount of income is also evaluated. In situations where there is other official income (see above) and there is no doubt about solvency, a quick jobless loan can also be granted. No lender wants to get defaulted clients, make credit payments, and need insolvency or bankruptcy.


If I am unable to repay the loan, can I extend it?

In most cases it is possible to extend the credit, but it is a paid service. You may be charged more than 10% of your outstanding monthly payment for a 1-month extension. There are quite a few borrowers in Latvia who, after borrowing, are unable or unwilling to repay all their money at once and instead choose to extend the loan. Note that doing so gives you extra time to repay the loan, but does not reduce the principal amount of the loan. However, doing so is better than ignoring liabilities, because once a payment is not made within 30 days, the company has the right to go to court or to a debt collector. In addition, the non-payer is included in the debtors database and the chances of borrowing in the foreseeable future are much reduced.

Evaluate all for and against and options for redress. Borrow responsibly.

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