Al Maryah Community Bank offers new “Raha” financial solutions for customer convenience

‘Raha’ offers bank customers a solution to consolidate all their debts and reschedule financial payments in the best and most efficient way to pay off all their debts and reduce their monthly payments, in addition to obtaining vacations from installments for a period of up to 3 months. With ‘Raha’, bank customers can have peace of mind, eliminate the hassle of multiple payments and enjoy merging all payments into one ‘Raha’ loan with a simple yet effective payment plan that keeps them secure. with financial control and effectively reduces monthly payments and total interest rates paid on loans.

The benefits of “Raha” include a number of financial facilities and special services during the transfer of salary, which can be obtained directly through the Mbank UAE application in a unique digital banking experience, including personal loans worth up to 20 times the salary transferred. , “Ziyada” an overdraft facility worth up to twice the transferred salary, in addition to getting 3 free checkbooks and the monthly opportunity to earn a zero interest loan up to AED 150,000 .

The bank’s innovative and unique services, start with opening the bank account in less than 5 minutes using the UAE PASS with no minimum balance, immediate access to a virtual debit card, and no need to submit paper documents or go to the bank.

The bank also offers an “Eyalna” account to minors, which gives them the opportunity to acquire sound financial basics and skills at a young age, digitize their allowances with their own debit cards and reward them for their skills. in Money Management with prizes worth AED 15,000. per month.

Bank customers also benefit from exclusive online and in-store discounts and shopping offers through the Lifestyle Club on the Mbank app, with monthly opportunities to earn the highest value of their monthly purchases, worth up to AED 50,000.

Additionally, with the bank’s drive to provide pioneering digital banking services across the UAE, the bank has provided the largest cash deposit network in the UAE to its customers, enabling them to perform services instant deposits into their accounts at Al Maryah Community Bank through more than 220 Al Ansari Exchange branches, free of charge.

Sahar Affandi, head of retail and financial services at the bank, said: “We have set ourselves a mission as a bank and today I am proud and delighted to say that we are here with our product. unique and comprehensive “Raha”; a set of financial services solutions focused on the financial well-being of our community. Mbank is here as your ONE choice of repayment plans, financial flexibility and relieving your financial anxiety with a remarkable digital experience “Raha” demonstrates our commitment to supporting the community in line with our goals and the vision of the UAE.”

All Al Maryah Community Bank banking services are available through the Mbank UAE app on the App Store and Google Play.

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