Apple card problem prevents some users from making in-store purchases

  • Apple’s credit card has been in trouble since Monday morning.
  • The company said some users might not be able to make in-store purchases with the Apple Card.
  • The problem seems to affect the digital version of the card rather than the physical version.
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Some users of Apple’s internal credit card may experience problems as early as Monday morning.

Apple reported an issue with the card at 3:30 a.m. Monday that prevented some users from making in-store purchases. It appears the issue is affecting those who use the card through Apple’s digital wallet service, Apple Pay, rather than the physical credit card.

It is not known how widespread the problem is or when it will be resolved. An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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Apple unveiled the card, its first foray into physical credit cards, in March 2019. While Apple offers a white titanium credit card that can be used in stores, there is also a digital version of the card that is intended for use at merchants that accept Apple Pay.

Apple touted the card’s no hidden fees or late payment fees, as well as a rewards program that gives cardholders 2% cash back when using Apple Pay, as well as a 3% discount on purchases made on the App Store or iTunes. Apple also highlighted the card’s built-in security – it comes with multiple credit card numbers in case your card is compromised, and the physical version of the card is completely number-free.

Because the Apple card lives entirely in a virtual wallet, it offers both simplicity and over-reliance on your iPhone, according to the card’s reviews. The Wallet app makes it easy for users to track spending and pay off balance, but it also means you’re locked into the Apple ecosystem more than ever.

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