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Why choose Sky TV?

Sky TV is one of the first names to consider when thinking about TV packages, with premium channels geared towards sports and entertainment as well as cutting edge technology so you never miss your favorite shows. Sky even wins the best customer service awards and often gives cash back rewards to new users. Here are some of the features that set Sky apart from the rest.

  • Over 300 channels including Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Q Box
  • Sky Go
  • Cheaper access to Sky Sports and Sky Cinema
  • Discounts on Sky Mobile and broadband
  • Sky VIP

Over 300 channels including Sky Atlantic

If you are tired of missing out on the gossip about major shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld, it might be because you are not with Sky TV.

Sky’s TV package, known as Sky Entertainment, has over 300 channels, including Sky Atlantic, which airs several exclusive shows like the ones above that you won’t get through other pay TV providers. .

Sky One and Sky Living are also available as standard whereas you will have to pay extra for these with competitors such as Virgin Media. This means that you can automatically access programs like Modern Family and Britain’s Next Top Model.

In addition to the usual free channels, Sky TV includes 100 channels not available with Freeview. You also get stations that would generally be available on more premium packages with other providers like Fox, Gold, MTV, and Discovery.

Sky Q

Sky TV customers receive a stylish Sky Q box for all of their viewing needs. Users receive a 1TB Sky Q box as standard, allowing you to record three shows while watching a fourth. It can also store up to 500 hours of TV and gives you access to HD as well as standard channels.

If that’s not enough, you can pay extra for a 2TB box that gives you 1,000 hours of storage space and lets you record six shows while watching a seventh. It also opens up a world of Ultra HD channels.

The 2TB box also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that lets you search for programs using your voice. You should also never lose this remote on the back of the sofa, as you can press the Q button on the Sky box and it will beep to tell you where it is.

You’re not confined to a single room with Sky Q. You can get Sky Q mini boxes that connect wirelessly to the main box, allowing you to take a break in a room and then continue to watch around the room. other. This means that there should be no more hassles over the remote control and people can watch their own programs in different rooms.

There are also some cool extra features like the usual ability to link series, and Sky Q is even smart enough to start recording once a new series of the same title begins.

Customers can access Netflix and Spotify through the Sky Q box and watch Sky TV live and on demand anywhere in the EU through the Sky Q app at no additional cost.

Sky Go

Take your Sky TV wherever you are with Sky Go. This allows you to watch live and on-demand broadcasts via a compatible tablet, mobile or laptop. You can even set up your box to record or download a show when you’re on the go using the Sky Go app, so no more panicking when you forget to record EastEnders.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema

Two of the main reasons for joining Sky are its sports and movie channels. The weekend wouldn’t be the same without Soccer Saturday or Super Sunday and you can get your fill of Jeff Stelling as well as live Premier League football and matches around the world for less through Sky than other providers. The same goes for its Sky Cinema channel, which gives you access to over 1,000 movies on demand and a new premiere every day.

You can also indulge in Sky’s collection of UK and US shows with 400 sets, as well as a choice of children’s channels and a dedicated app featuring shows from brands such as Cartoon Network and Disney Junior.

Sky Mobile and Broadband Cheaper

Sky is not limited to television. It also offers broadband and mobiles. Sky is offering TV customers cheaper broadband access as well as free calls and texts for mobile users.

This means that if you already have Sky TV, then you can access its fiber broadband plans or a range of paid monthly mobile plans that are cheaper than non-customers.

Sky Store

Sky customers can rent and purchase a range of movies, shows and box sets from SkyStore which can be viewed and stored on their set-top box or online. Up to four devices can be registered on If you’re really old school, you can even order some titles to be delivered in DVD format.


Sky doesn’t just take your money every month. It even offers rewards for your custom as a way of thanking through its Sky VIP service.

You can access Sky VIP through the My Sky app where a welcome gift awaits you along with new items every week. The longer you stay with Sky, the more rewards you receive.

Customer service

In addition to the rewards, you are generally treated well as a customer. According to industry regulator Ofcom, Sky was the least complained TV provider in 2017. It received two complaints per 100,000 customers, below the industry average of five and well below the 18 BT scored at the top of the charts.

There are many ways to contact Sky if you need to. Its phone lines are available between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m., and you can also use Facebook Messenger or livechat between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.

Simple setup

You will need an engineer to set up your TV service as in many cases you may need a satellite dish or be connected to an existing aerial. That should change in 2018 when Sky drops the need for dishes.

Once you confirm your order and select a setup date, Sky will mail you a business card and you can check the status of your order through the online tracking service.

A Sky engineer will call the day before, or the morning of installation, to confirm their arrival time, and take care of everything for you.

Benefits for friends

Don’t be shy about your Sky TV service. If you sign up and then refer a friend Sky will offer you both a £ 50 Prepaid MasterCard to spend on whatever you want.

Accident coverage with Sky Protect

Accidents do happen, but you can cover your Sky TV equipment against breakdowns and accidental damage. The provider offers Sky Protect, which covers your Sky boxes, satellite dish and other equipment, promises next day repairs and a free UK hotline open every day.

You can also add up to eight devices, such as your TV, mobile, console, tablet, and laptop to the policy. You get unlimited repairs and there are no parts, labor or call charges.

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