Best Virgin Media fiber broadband deals and offers 2021

As the UK’s fastest broadband provider, Virgin Media is ideal for busy homes, online gamers and moviegoers who insist on Ultra HD.

And since Virgin Media also offers TV and mobile, it’s easy to find great deals on a bundle.

What can I get from Virgin Media fiber optic broadband?

All of Virgin Media’s broadband plans are fiber optic, which means they’re blazingly fast. You can choose between four options:

  • M50 – 54 Mbps average download speed
  • M100 – 108 Mbps average download speed
  • M200 – 213 Mbps average download speed
  • M350- 362 Mbps average download speed
  • M500 – average download speed of 516 Mbps

They all come with unlimited downloads, so you can stream HD videos, play games, and download large files without having to worry about a usage cap. They are also all available on a one month rolling contract or on an 18 month contract.

The Virgin Media Super Hub Router comes standard with all plans. True to the name, you will get super strong wireless signal and fast service from many devices connected simultaneously. It also has wireless encryption technology to keep hackers at bay.

Web Safe security is free with all broadband plans. This has two main features: Child Safe (to block sites that you don’t want children to see, such as adult material or violence) and Virus Safe (to block sites known to contain viruses, scams, phishing, etc.). They work at the network level and therefore apply to any device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

And not only that, you will also get F-Secure SAFE free for one year. This internet security software can be installed on up to five devices – including PCs, Macs, phones and tablets – and will protect your gadgets from viruses and scam sites.

Finally, with every Virgin Media broadband plan, you will also get:

  • Virgin Media Mail – Ten free email addresses with 7.4 GB of storage in your mailbox
  • Wi-Fi in the London Underground – Use your Virgin Media account to connect to hotspots at over 250 metro stations

You can get Virgin Media fiber optic broadband alone or choose a phone, TV and mobile plan.

Remember, Virgin Media is not yet available everywhere. Use our zip code checker to see the best broadband deals in your area.

What’s good about Virgin Media fiber optics?

  • Super-fast speeds – average speed over 500 Mbps with M500 service
  • Can get a standalone broadband plan without paying for line rental
  • Available on 30 day contracts
  • Unlimited downloads, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a usage cap
  • Super-fast speeds are perfect for streaming movies and TV shows on services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix with minimal interruptions
  • Great for gamers – less lag when playing online and downloading updates and additional content quickly, so you can spend more time playing than waiting to play
  • The speeds are ideal for families or large households, as everyone can connect on different devices without the speeds becoming unusable
  • Nine-month contracts available for student households
  • Fiber is available with Virgin Media TV – one of the most comprehensive TV options available in the UK.
  • Safe – wireless encryption makes it hard for you to hack, Web Safe lets you block sites you don’t want kids to see, and F-Secure SAFE protects your devices from viruses and spyware
  • Can self-install if there has already been a Virgin Media connection in your home – no need for an engineer to come to your home
  • Lots of free extras including email addresses and photo prints

What’s Wrong with Virgin Media Fiber Optic?

  • Fiber isn’t available everywhere – use our postcode checker to see what you can get where you are
  • Not the cheapest available – a provider like Plusnet or TalkTalk may make a better deal
  • Expensive installation fees may apply in some cases

How does it compare?

Virgin Media fiber is one of the fastest on the market, with average download speeds of 516 Mbps on the M500 plan. And while Virgin Media broadband isn’t available everywhere, it’s much more widely available than super-fast broadband from BT, Sky, Hyperoptic and more.

Read more: BT vs Virgin Media broadband.

Read more: Virgin Media vs. Sky TV.

Our latest Virgin Media fiber offers

* Average speeds are based on download speeds of at least 50% of customers during peak hours (8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.). Speed ​​can be affected by a variety of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be slower than stated above. You can check the estimated speed of your property before you buy.

What else can I get from Virgin Media?

Want more than broadband? Here’s what Virgin Media has to offer:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Virgin Media fiber broadband cost?

Virgin Media’s fiber and home phone broadband and standalone fiber broadband plans typically start at prices comparable to competitive providers. The difference is, if you choose Virgin Media, you will generally get faster service for the same kind of price.

Can I get Virgin Media fiber in my area?

Virgin Media isn’t available everywhere, although if you’re in a big city or town, you’re pretty sure you can get it. To find out if it’s available where you live, use our postcode checker.

Can I get Virgin Media fiber up to local broadband?

Virgin Media’s cable broadband service, which uses fiber optics to deliver broadband to your central office and then coaxial cables for the ride to your home, is widely available. However, its full fiber service, which offers speeds of 8 Gbps, is limited in some places. To find out what’s available in your area, use our postcode checker.

Is Virgin Media fiber good?

Virgin Media has a lot to recommend, not least because it is the UK’s fastest broadband provider, with speeds on its widely available fastest product that are five times faster than BT and Sky.

It also offers the advantage of being available without a fixed line, competitively priced and you can take out a 30-day contract, if you don’t mind making a longer commitment.

The downside is that Virgin Media fiber is not as widely available as competing providers.

What speed can I get with Virgin Media fiber?

The fastest speed available on Virgin Media is 516 Mbps, which is the average you can expect if you sign up for its M500 product. Virgin Media’s cheapest plan is the M50 and offers an average speed of 54 Mbps.

Does Virgin Media fiber include line rental?

Virgin Media is one of the few providers that doesn’t require you to use a landline to sign up for its broadband. If you also want a landline, Virgin Media also offers broadband and home phone plans that are broadly priced at BT and Sky.

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