BT launches second line service

BT is launching a second broadband home line service for the next generation of homeworkers.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Safety rope.

Self employed / home workers have known they can claim home broadband on their taxes for years. However, recently this has been a conversation many have had with their bosses due to the increase in working from home.

More than 50% of UK workers have worked from home in one form or another during the pandemic. This increase in traffic has probably sparked countless fights in underserved homes.

It seems the ISPs have thought about a way to help (and take advantage of). Last week BT announced a new service that allows customers to have two broadband connections to their homes. The plan even means that you can have broadband from two separate providers.

The service was introduced in response to BT customer research. Their research showed that many clients wanted a second home line to work from home.

And with entire families stuck at home for the past few months, that desire has surely only increased!

A small price to pay for peace at home.

BT’s “dedicated connection service” is available to all UK broadband users. It also has some attractive offers for new and existing BT customers! Customers will not have to pay for the installation of the line or a BT Halo 2 smart hub. Existing BT customers will even get a £ 10 monthly service discount of £ 59.99 (24 months).

Marc Allera, general manager of the consumer arm of BT, said BT wants customers to have options.

“A single connection that they can use for activities such as working from home, playing games or teaching online, giving them a reliable connection without interruption. “

Traffic jams at home.

A whopping 73% of those polled said they have been using the internet more since the lockdown began. Although we probably didn’t need a poll to tell us!

Despite this dramatic increase in usage, the UK’s broadband infrastructure is resisting. Many countries are reporting big service issues due to the inability of their infrastructure to support the new influx of users.

According to YouGov research, more than a third of UK adults experienced poorer internet performance during the lockdown. The majority of those surveyed also said that they had difficulty completing their work due to the low speed.
50% said they had experienced poorer broadband performance and had difficulty working. An unlucky 15% said it caused “a lot” of disruption.

While many might be able to cope in the short term, it could start to affect productivity if working from home becomes the “new normal”.

Olivia Bonito, Head of Digital Media and Technology Research at YouGov.

Invest in your future.

So it’s understandable that businesses want to tackle this problem by investing in home broadband lines for their staff. For many, working from home could be a new way of life beyond the pandemic. So a second line could be a wise investment for yourself. You can even get your work to reimburse you for the costs if they were open to it.

Recent workforce research has shown that almost half of employees will work more from home after the pandemic. So preparations might be easier if ISPs and other services began to adapt their services to the new normal.

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