Card Curator and Invstr form partnership

Card Curator, an app that educates credit cardholders on how to get the most out of their purchases without spending more, and America’s top-rated investment and financial education app Invstr, have teamed up to help Investtr users make more informed decisions about their daily chart. expenses with Card Curator’s award-winning credit card recommendation tool.

Invstr users will no longer have to play the painful guessing game of which credit cards to use for purchases, as the tool will recommend the “best” card in their wallet that earns the greatest rewards on gas , groceries, catering, etc. It can be found in the Invstr Application Hub.

Overall, Card Curator’s credit card recommender tool will provide Invstr users with the clarity and guidance they need when choosing their credit cards for a given purchase. It does this through independent and objective advice, as Card Curator does not receive any compensation from banks or credit card issuers for its card recommendations.

“Invstr is a leading pioneer in financial literacy and has trained over one million members of its community worldwide on how to become more knowledgeable investors with the support of their popular features,” said John Taylor Garner, founder and CEO of Card Curator. “Now, through this partnership, Invstr users will be more accurate in their daily card spending and won’t miss out on opportunities to earn maximum rewards. The number one reason cardholders miss out on rewards is because they simply use the wrong credit cards for their purchases, and our tool fixes that.”

“Invstr is pleased to work with Card Curator to help consumers determine the best credit card to use. Our mission is to empower everyone to take charge of their financial future. Our goal is to help our clients through every step of their financial journey, from learning about investing to managing their banking, brokerage, crypto, insurance, and now credit cards all in one. easy experience,” said Invstr Founder and CEO Kerim Derhalli.

Card Curator’s credit card recommendation tool is free and available to all US Invstr members. Invstr app and Card Curator app can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play.

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