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When struggling Chinese real estate giant Evergrande ran out of cash earlier this year, it turned to its own employees with a strong case: Those who wanted to keep their bonuses should give Evergrande a short loan. term.

Some workers have asked friends and family for money to lend to the company. Others borrowed from the bank. Then, this month, Evergrande suddenly stopped repaying the loans, which had been billed as high-interest investments.

Now, hundreds of employees have joined panicked homebuyers to demand reimbursement from Evergrande, rallying outside the company’s offices across China to protest last week.

Once China’s most prolific real estate developer, Evergrande has grown into the country’s most indebted company. It owes money to lenders, suppliers and foreign investors. He owes unfinished apartments to homebuyers and has racked up over $ 300 billion in unpaid bills. Evergrande faces lawsuits from creditors and has seen its shares lose more than 80% of their value this year.