Chase Points are worth more when purchasing Apple products through November 30


If you are a Chase card holder and plan to purchase Apple products before the holidays, you may want to redeem your Chase Points for Apple products. This is because, for a limited time, your points are more valuable. Until November 30, 2021, Chase points are worth more when you redeem your points for Apple products through the Ultimate Rewards portal. You can maximize the value of your points and get the freebies you need to purchase.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program is flexible. You can redeem your points in several ways. While many people transfer their points to one of the many travel partners, some cardholders prefer to use their points to purchase merchandise. If you like to spend your points this way, you may be able to maximize the value of your points by purchasing Apple products before the end of the month.

Get more value using your Chase Points for Apple products

From November 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021, Chase cardholders can get more value with their points by redeeming points for Apple purchases. The additional value is determined by the type of Chase credit card you have. Cardholders can get an additional 10% to 50% value.

Here’s a breakdown of the extra value each Chase card will bring when redeeming points for Apple products:

  • Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited®, Chase Freedom Flexâ„ , Chase Freedom® Student Card: Points are worth 10% more
  • Ink Business Cash® credit card, Ink Cash credit card, Ink Business Unlimited® credit card: Points are worth 10% more
  • Chase Ink Business Preferredâ„  Credit Card, Chase Ink Plus Business Credit Card: Points are worth 25% more
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Points are worth 25% more
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve®: Points are worth 50% more
  • JP Morgan Reserve Card: Points are worth 50% more

Usually, you can redeem Chase Points at a flat rate of $ 0.01 each for Apple products. During this promotion, points will be worth $ 0.011 to $ 0.015 each depending on which card you own.

Consumers with higher level Chase cards will benefit more from this promotion. For example, Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders get 50% more value with this promotion. This means that the points are worth $ 0.015 each until November 30.

Here is an example : An 11-inch iPad Pro with 256 GB of storage and wifi + data capabilities costs $ 1,099.00. With this promotion, Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders can redeem 73,266 points for this product. Usually they would need to redeem 109,900 points for this.

Taking advantage of this promotion may be right for you if you don’t need to plan your upcoming trip or don’t want to redeem your points for a credit on your statement.

While redeeming points for merchandise, gift cards, or credit on a statement may not always be the best redemption choice to maximize value, these redemption options may be a good idea if you are looking for a way to reduce your vacation expenses. If you have accumulated points, you can get creative and buy Christmas gifts differently this year. Using the reward points you’ve already earned can help you avoid overspending and minimize credit card debt.

If you are new to the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, you may be wondering what redemption options you have available and which options offer the best value. This Chase Ultimate Rewards guide can help you decide how best to use your Chase Points.

If you aren’t using rewards credit cards yet, you are missing out on the chance to earn rewards just by using your credit card to make regular purchases. If you’re thinking about getting a new rewards credit card, check out our list of the best rewards credit cards.


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