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SIOUX CITY – A local businessman asks Sioux City Council to rezone the property just west of North High School so they can develop it.

According to city documents, Dan Hiserote of Aftershock Ventures, LLC does not have final plans for 1171 Outer Drive North, but wants the property to be fully rezoned Neighborhood Conservation 5, allowing for multi-family uses and light commercial.

City council is expected to vote on the rezoning request at its Monday meeting.

The property is currently divided into two zones, the southern part being zoned Neighborhood Conservation 5, where Building Blocks Preschool and Childcare is located. The central and northern parts of the property are zoned Neighborhood Conservation 2. Hiserote plans to develop the central part of the property, between the Building Blocks and the town’s water tower, according to the documents.

Apartments, townhouses, guesthouses, general offices, as well as banks and credit unions are prohibited under Ward 2 Conservation, but limited or conditional under Ward 5 Conservation .

City staff recommend that Council approve the application, as the 2005 master plan indicates that this area is a “mixed-use neighborhood,” which is defined as areas consisting of a small shopping / shopping center. retail sale offering locally targeted services, including a residential component.

Ten notices were sent to landowners in the area. A resident and business owner responded, expressing concerns about traffic and maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood and grounds.

The property that Hiserote plans to develop is located near the intersection of Outer Drive with Cheyenne Boulevard.

“This intersection is a burning mess, which we all already know,” wrote the owner opposed to the rezoning request. “Adding even more traffic to this would be a fallacious mistake for many reasons, again which we all know.”


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