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How to get cheap phone insurance?

Inexpensive cell phone coverage can be hard to come by. The more expensive your phone, the more expensive your mobile insurance. Early phone models can be bought for under £ 100, but if you want the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model, you might consider spending £ 1000 or more on a new phone. You’ll have to shop around and compare the cheapest phone insurance quotes to get the best mobile coverage deal, especially if you want to insure a new value model.

The monthly price you pay for mobile phone insurance is called a premium. Phone coverage premiums can be as low as £ 5 per month and up to £ 14.99 per month or more.

Compare phone insurance policies here to make sure they provide the exact coverage you need. Don’t be pushed around by phone salespeople. You will get the cheapest mobile insurance quote while shopping.

Other types of gadget insurance

Gadget insurance doesn’t just cover cell phones. Gadget insurance can also cover laptops, e-readers, cameras, smart watches and other portable devices, as well as game consoles.

Laptop insurance

Your laptop is not just a laptop. It’s what you use to work, rest and play. Losing or damaging your laptop can be an extreme inconvenience, and replacing it is often expensive. This is where laptop insurance can save you hundreds of pounds. But be sure to shop around to compare laptop insurance deals to get the best deal.

Some laptop insurance policies can also cover your laptop against loss, damage, or theft when you are working overseas.

Some laptop gadget insurances include coverage for repairs if the laptop is infected with a virus. Laptops can cost thousands of pounds. Your laptop insurance will need a good level of coverage to replace the laptop in the event of theft.

Many insurance companies offer laptop insurance. You will have to compare the laptop sleeve to get the cheapest quote and find the best deal. Don’t be pushed around by laptop vendors.

Camera insurance

Gadget insurance can provide camera coverage. Photography is about capturing the world. Cameras travel with us, everywhere we go in the UK and abroad. Photography is also an expensive hobby, with cameras easily costing hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Replacing your camera can be very expensive if you lose or damage your equipment. This is where camera insurance can give you the peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens, you are covered. This way you can focus on taking photos rather than your gear.

Multi gadget insurance

Some insurers offer coverage for multiple devices, often at a reduced price. Multi-gadget insurance could provide the cheapest gadget insurance quote overall.

A family gadget insurance policy will cover all the gadgets in your household.

The number of gadgets that you can cover with multi-gadget insurance will depend on the insurer. Some policies provide unlimited coverage for your gadgets. Others will specify a limit, for example 10.

If you want to insure multiple gadgets, compare multi-gadget insurance quotes to get the cheapest deal for you.

You should also compare the insurance policies of individual gadgets to find the cheapest gadget coverage overall.

What is covered by gadget and phone insurance?

You will have to compare gadget insurance policies to find the right gadget coverage for you. Gadget insurance will generally cover:

  • Accidental damage: dropped your phone or sat on your laptop? Most gadget insurance covers cracked screens.

  • Loss: Left your camera, phone, or laptop on the train and no sign of picking it up? Gadget insurance will generally be chargeable.

  • Mechanical Breakdown: If your gadget dies after the warranty expires, the gadget’s coverage will usually pay for a repair or replacement.

  • Theft: Cameras, phones, laptops and other devices attract thieves. Gadget insurance covers theft as standard.

Compare gadget insurance

When shopping around to compare gadget insurance quotes, it is important to consider a few things:

Coverage level: Check the maximum level of coverage, especially if gadget insurance is for an expensive device. Compare gadget insurance to see if your specific device is covered. Some gadget insurance can only cover devices up to a certain age, for example.

Global coverage: Gadget insurance with worldwide coverage will cover your gadgets anywhere in the world. For example, when you go on vacation. The gadget coverage included in travel insurance policies may have low limits and the deductible is generally higher.

Excess: The deductible is the amount you pay for a claim. For example, the gadget’s cover may have a deductible of £ 50. If you lose a cell phone worth £ 500 your insurer will pay £ 450. Policies with higher excesses could be cheaper.

Other characteristics: Compare gadget insurance policies to get the best gadget insurance coverage. Check that the gadget’s insurance covers all the basics like accidental damage, cracked screen, liquid damage, loss, theft, and accessory coverage.

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