Cybercriminals arrested in Surat, 153 credit cards seized

Amboli Police arrested four cyber criminals in Surat, Gujarat and seized 153 credit cards in their possession.

The defendants were identified as Vipul Bhodhara, 32, Pradeep Rangani, 27, Ashish Bhodhara, 32 and Jemish Virani, 25. Ashish and Jemish would be the main defendants while Vipul and Pradeep would have provided their credit cards to Ashish and Jemish knowing they were misused.

“Ashish and Jemish ran an electronics store in Surat. They collected credit cards from people they knew and offered them money in return. They used these cards to make online purchases for themselves. They then duped people online and paid for online purchases made by them using the duped amount,” a law enforcement source said.

One of the victims, a 49-year-old businessman from Mumbai, approached police in Amboli in March. “The accused sent him an SMS asking him to update his PAN card details and gave a fraudulent link to it. The victim ended up sharing his personal bank details and Rs 1.40 lakh was embezzled from his account,” said Bandopant Bansode, senior police inspector at Amboli police station.

“The accused used Rs 1 lakh to buy a mobile phone. We seized the phone,” Inspector (Crime) Abdul Rauf Shaikh said.

“We suspect they tricked several people using the same modus operandi. Efforts are underway to track down other defendants. Four phones, one tab and 153 credit cards were seized,” the sub-inspector said. Vishal Daundkar.

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