Discovery Channel’s ‘Homestead Rescue’ episode in Maui airs this week

An episode of Discovery chainseries Farm rescue which was filmed in Maui will air this Wednesday, December 20. The show, now in its third season, centers on the Raney family – Marty, son Matt and daughter Misty – who work as homestead consultants, traveling the country helping people trying to live far away. of civilization.

“In the next episode on December 20, the Raney’s bring their know-how to Hawaii, but the race is on to protect the property, its people, its garden and its livestock, from impending flash flooding, ”a Dec. 19 press release said on the Discovery Channel. “As they battle constant storms, it becomes clear that the Raney’s must also win a battle of trust with the homesteaders.”

The homesteaders in this particular episode are kitesurfers Kristin and Sky Solbach, who has lived on a 1.2 acre property in the Maui jungle since 2014. In the episode, the Solbachs describe their house as idyllic, if not utopian, at least at first.

“We had this romantic dream of living here by the creek in this beautiful place,” Sky said in a brief snippet of the episode the Discovery Channel shared with me.

“It seemed so perfect,” Kristin says. “We wanted to be independent; grow our own food, raise our own animals.

Then, in May 2016, the stream next to their home raged in a flash flood, damaging their property. Enter the Raney family, who offer help to prepare the Solbach farm for the next big storm. As for what will happen next, I guess we’ll all have to watch the episode.

The Maui episode of Farm rescue Airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday, December 20 on the Discovery Channel.

Here is an excerpt from the episode in which the Raney’s try to help the Solbachs move their chicken coop:

Photo of Kristin and Sky Solbach watching Marty Raney Courtesy of Discovery Channel



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