Gambia: Credit Union Managers and Volunteers End Confab


At least 130 participants chosen from the leaders and volunteers of Gambia’s credit unions concluded a three-day forum on Saturday intended to discuss the way forward to strengthen credit unions in the country.

The event, which is the first of its kind, was hosted by The Gambia National Credit Unions (NACCUG) in a ceremony held at its head office in Kanifing.

The theme of the event was “tackling emerging challenges for credit union adequacy”.

During the three days of convergence, participants were exposed to different topics including production development, governance in credit unions, ICT security and fraud detection in systems.

At the opening, Foday Sanyang, Managing Director of NACCUG, recalled that seven months earlier, they had conceived the idea at the summit level, where they had invited credit unions to discuss the feasibility of this initiative to managers and volunteers of credit unions.

“A committee made up of NACCUG and credit union officials was tasked with working out the logistics of organizing this event, including funding.”

This event, he added, would not have been possible without the support of credit unions and indeed shows that unity is strength.

Sanyang explained that during the first day of the training, participants learned best practices from facilitators and that the courses are designed exclusively to enhance professional experience and skills in their daily tasks in credit unions. .

“We also learned about product development, governance in credit unions and ICT security and fraud detection in systems.”

He thanked the credit union movement in The Gambia for honoring the credit unions and confab volunteers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Babucarr Joof, Managing Director of The Gambia Teachers Credit Union, who was also one of the facilitators for the training, said volunteers and managers are striving to achieve the same objective despite different functions.

Joof indicated that volunteers are responsible for providing strategic direction while managers are responsible for providing the transactional part of the relationship.

He explained that members of governance have a responsibility to ensure that the instrument used by managers is relevant and conductive.

“So this forum is an opportunity for both sides to understand how important they are to each other, by understanding our roles and responsibilities, we will better serve the movement.”


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