High demand for medical masks due to coronavirus has raised prices

The coronavirus has spread to 15 countries, 9,000 people are infected and around 200 have died. In this health emergency declared by the World Health Organization, everyone wants to be safe. There has been a high demand for face masks as they are believed to prevent the coronavirus. And the strong demand has led to a rise in prices. Walmart and Amazon online stores are outside of the N-95 masks.

Mr Lloyd-Williams, who is the managing director of the Merthyr-based medical supplies company, has confirmed that he has sold the entire stock of 500 masks to a Chinese buyer in Leicestershire.

The coronavirus is a deadly combination of the common cold and SARS. Face masks prevent the virus from contracting in the air. Healthcare professionals also recommend washing your hands regularly to prevent the virus from entering the system.

With the growing demand for respirators and the scarcity of them online, the people who need them most are not getting them. Byron Wright recently had a lung transplant. He needs a mask so that his body is not infected. But when his wife searched online for face masks, she was unable to purchase any as all were out of stock.

After the coronavirus, Ms Wright has now made sure they have had enough face masks in stock. So she bought them in bulk. She said the prices for face masks have increased exponentially. Previously you could get ten masks for £ 10; now a mask costs £ 6-10.

This is worrying because the patients who need it most will not have it if stocks run out. To allay people’s increased panic, a spokesperson for Public Health Wales (PHW) said people should only wear face masks on the recommendation of a clinician. There is a small risk that people will be infected with the virus in England, so those who need it should use it.

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