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Yard is focused on improving the home loan experience, using innovative mortgage solutions that are “simple, transparent and fairly priced”.

Founded by Toni Mladenova and Nathan Gooley in 2017, Yard has entered the home loan scene to change ‘inefficient’ home loan application processes that can ‘seem old and seem to take forever.’

“Most home loans are confusing. The long list of hidden fees and charges makes it difficult to make meaningful comparisons, ”Ms. Mladenova told Savings.com.au.

“At Yard, we’ve changed that. We are obsessed with designing innovative mortgage solutions that are simple, transparent and at a fair price. We’re making the home loan experience better for people.

In an interview with Savings.com.au in July 2021, Ms Mladenova explained how Yard got its name.

“When we thought about Yard, the general idea was that it’s really inspiring that we’re going to help you buy a garden, your own backyard, and that’s where the name comes from,” he said. she told Savings.com.au.

“It’s also quite difficult to get to the point where you have enough money saved to buy a property, so that also refers to the tough jobs people put in on the property buying journey.”

The “online easy home loan” lender says it uses the latest technology to provide “exceptional, local” customer service to Australians around the world.

Big bank products without the big bank price

“At Yard, we focus on simplicity and transparency,” says Mladenova.

To focus on this goal, Yard offers four products to meet people’s needs: home loans with variable and fixed interest rates; construction loans; bridging loans; and SMSF loans.

“We want to provide people with all the functionality that a big bank could provide – we just want to combine that with extremely competitive interest rates and low fees,” Ms. Mladenova said.

Some of these notable features include:

“We are parting ways in the breadth and speed of our proposal,” Ms Mladenova told Savings.com.au in July 2021.

“For example, we can help borrowers complete renovations or buy a property before they sell their current property with bridging financing. And we can usually approve requests within 24-48 hours.

Here’s an overview of Yard homeowner home loans:

See how Yard Home Loans stack up against some of the most competitive homeowner home loans on the market:


Rate type Gap Redraw Ongoing charges The initial costs LVR Lump sum reimbursement Additional refunds Pre-approval

Variable More details

Smart Booster real estate loan at variable discount rate – 2 years (LVR
  • Fast turnaround times, can meet a 30 day settlement
  • For purchase and refinancing, minimum deposit of 20%
  • No ongoing or monthly fees, add compensation for 0.10%

Variable More details

Low rate home loan – Premium (principal and interest) (owner occupied) (LVR
  • No upfront or ongoing fees
  • 100% clearing account
  • Additional refunds + reprint services

Fixed More details

1-year fixed real estate loan (capital and interest) (LVR
  • Simple digital application process
  • Market-leading app to help you pay off your loan sooner
  • No ongoing charges

Variable More details

Nano Home Loans Variable Owner Busy, Principal and Interest (Refinancing Only)

  • Refinancing only. Fast online application
  • No Nano fees. 100% free sub-account clearing
  • Mobile app, Visa debit card and instant payments

An Australian team to help you make the Australian dream come true

Yard says he has a “highly skilled” team based in Australia who are available at a time that suits your schedule to “streamline the process.”

“Yard is a full-service mortgage lender. Our only goal is to provide home loans and we are specialists, ”Ms. Mladenova said.

“Every Australian’s real estate investment journey is unique. Real estate preferences vary, your investment strategy is yours, and your financial situation is unique to you.

“We’re committed to understanding what you really need and want today, and then how we can help you build wealth for the future.

Ms Mladenova said Yard recognizes that Australians can have “unique personal and financial circumstances”.

“Whether you are an employee, self-employed, established abroad, whether you are looking for credit via a trust or a company, or whether you are buying in a regional area; Yard tries to address a wide range of circumstances and your loan advisor can see if Yard can help you, ”she said.

Yard is a lender, not a bank

Yard has one main focus – * spoiler * is home loans – staying committed to understanding “what you really need and want today and then how we can help you build wealth for the future. “.

“Our mission is to help Australians build wealth, and we do this by offering low rates and fees, full loans, tailor-made service and a digital home loan experience,” Ms Mladenova told Savings.com.au.

“We can help people with a wide range of individual financial situations who are looking for residential home loans across Australia. “

As an online lender – which means no old-fashioned brick-and-mortar branches – Ms Mladenova told Savings.com.au that this allowed Yard to create a “fundamentally different cost structure.”

“We have a very simple proposition. What we are trying to do is really simplify our loans, and we would like to think that this brings transparency in the proposal and makes our products very easy to compare with other products on the market, ”he said. she reported to Savings.com.au in July 2021..

“You’re also likely to get a better deal by going with an online lender, as most of the competitive rates in the market right now are from an online lender. “

How to Apply for a Yard Home Loan

To apply for a home loan from Yard, you must meet its mortgage eligibility criteria, including:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Have a good credit history

  • Receive a salary from an employer, or you are self-employed with at least two years of NBA registration; independent professionals (doctors, lawyers, IT specialists) may be taken into consideration if they have held an ABN for six months

  • No previous defaults greater than $ 1,500

  • Maximum LVR is 95% with Mortgage Loan Insurance (IMT)

  • The minimum loan amount is $ 150,000 and the maximum is $ 5 million

From there, the application process is completely digital, starting with the submission of an online form and a subsequent discussion with one of Yard’s loan specialists.

Image by David (Saw Dawg) Guarino on Unsplash

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