Ireland warns of scam against fraudsters targeting victims in case of advance fraud

Scammers target unsuspecting online victims as part of the advance fee fraud.

Gardai has issued a warning because individuals and businesses have been scammed by scammers offering “unsecured loans” online.

A spokesperson for the Meath Crime Prevention Facebook page said: “There are a number of websites offering unsecured loans that target the most vulnerable. It is sometimes very appealing because it offers loans that are processed quickly. and no problem. “

The victim will receive a call or message that their loan application has been approved with details of the loan amount and monthly repayment.

They are then asked to send a small amount of money to the lender before the loan amount issued.

This request is disguised as an upfront fee or to pay for personal protection insurance on the loan amount.

The spokesperson continued, “Unfortunately, when this is done, no loan is ever issued and the upfront fee is lost.”

Here’s how to protect yourself from this scam:

• Never apply for a loan from an entity that is not authorized by the Central Bank.

• Always check the official website of the Central Bank to see if the business is licensed. The register of approved companies can be accessed here.

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