Lead Depot buys all online assets of leading automotive lead supplier DSG Auto for undisclosed fee and plans immediate relaunch of brand in Canada

TORONTO, February 8, 2022 /CNW/ – Lead Depot has announced the acquisition of DSG Auto’s online assets for an undisclosed fee. These assets include several web domains and properties, including autofinance.ca, getmeacar.ca and several other web platforms that generate auto finance leads from consumers of Canada looking for a car loan.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the asset base of what is one of from Canada the most popular leading car financing providers, DSG Auto. Christopher McKenzineLead Depot Sales Manager for Canada. “At the height of its operations, DSG served over 1,000 dealerships in Canada providing them with automotive leads and at Lead Depot we are excited to complete the acquisition, with an immediate vision to rebrand the platforms and immediately re-enter the Canadian market with a greater focus on customer service to offer a robust and better quality car loan. leads to all Nationwide dealerships in Canada.” Chris said.

The Canadian car loan market has remained stable throughout the pandemic, with more and more people choosing to get their own vehicle rather than taking a bus or train due to close contact with others. On top of that, subprime lenders of Canada have expanded their lending criteria to lend to lower credit scores, due to the average consumer credit score that has suffered during the pandemic, now making it much more affordable for all Canadians to apply online for an online car loan.

Another factor that motivates Canadians to need a vehicle is the difference between the country’s public transit system and that of other parts of the world such as Europethe UK and even parts of United States such as New York, where the need for a vehicle is less necessary due to a much more robust public transport system, so in these areas fewer people need a vehicle, regardless of the issue of close contact with the other passengers. The weather also plays an important role, with Canada are experiencing harsher winter conditions across most of the country, leading more people to aim for vehicle ownership as part of their daily lives.

David Saint GermainDSG Auto Founder said, “I am pleased to complete the sale of DSG Auto’s assets to Lead Depot. Lead Depot executives are focused on customer service for all dealerships and have a strong vision to help all Canadians to finance their vehicle needs through fully digital web-based platforms and, in turn, provide solid leads to all car dealerships and lenders in Canada.” said David.

Lead Depot is now the new parent company for all former DSG assets including but not limited to autofinance.ca, albertaautoclearance.com, getmeacar.ca, firstnationsfinancing.ca, firstnationsfinancing.net, canadacreditcompany.ca, canadacreditcompany.com and bcautofinance.ca. Lead Depot will re-launch all of these brands in the Canadian market to help all Canadians apply for a car loan without a bank or lender needing to physically sit down or meet with the applicant.

The entire single step process will be digital through the acquired web platforms. Lead Depot’s proprietary algorithms will then analyze, in real time and within seconds, the incoming request and route it to a funder or dealer within its network who will have the best chance of success for that applicant to obtain a loan. , without any of the hassle or cumbersome paperwork. This is a process that has proven to be very popular in Canada especially during the pandemic, due to the completely digital and hassle-free process to apply. Companies competing with Lead Depot, such as LendingArch, have thrived during the pandemic by offering online auto loans to consumers. This whole process will also be free for the consumer as they will not be charged any fees by Lead Depot on any of their platforms for applying. “We will not charge any application fees.” said Chris McKenzie. “We’re here to help you get a car loan as quickly as possible and allow you to drive and charge application fees on one of our platforms, which goes against the core values ​​of our company on customer service and customer accessibility. We look forward to serving thousands of candidates through our acquisition of DSG Auto’s web properties for many years to come.” Said Chris.

Lead Depot will also place a greater emphasis on customer service to its dealerships and on higher quality leads as it brings newly acquired brands back to the Canadian market for auto dealerships nationwide.

About Lead Depot

Lead Depot is focused on selling auto finance and auto loans to auto dealerships and lenders around the world. Canada. Through its advertising to consumers, capturing inquiries, and then routing the inquiry to the best lender or dealership for that consumer, Lead Depot eliminates the need for an applicant to physically go to a dealership, bank or a lender, as everything will be done through its platform and over the phone, with dealers offering fully sanitized delivery and exchanges, even more so now due to the Covid pandemic.

About DSG Auto

DSG Auto was established in 2010 and has since served over 200,000 Canadians seeking an auto loan. The DSG dealer network spans over 1,000 locations in Canada. Lead Depot is now the new owner of DSG Auto’s assets.

SOURCE Lead Depot Inc.

For more information: www.leaddepot.ca or by email [email protected]

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