Lend expands brokers capacity with help from Semper


Commercial fintech Semper has joined Lend’s corporate finance platform to provide financing solutions up to $ 30 million to facilitate structured debt for the “big end of town.”

The collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time as the demand for large funding is increasing, according to Donelle Brookers, third-party service manager at Lend.

“We are delighted that Semper is joining our portfolio of alternative commercial finance lenders,” said Brooks. “Right now there is a constant need for working capital and asset finance from the vibrant agribusiness, wholesalers, transport and logistics, and ‘opportunity-taker’ real estate developers. sub-metros that capitalize on the ripple effect of working from home. and hybrid desktop model.

Semper is a non-bank lender specializing in structured commercial debt facilities of $ 2 million through secured, first and second mortgages, including all types of property.

“Semper is known for enabling businesses to seize opportunities and accelerate their growth,” said Andrew Way, director of Semper. “We always take a big picture of the overall financial situation of a company when thinking about how to structure funds. Many of these transactions are quite complex and often require debt consolidation, refinancing and a blended product to achieve a lasting solution that promotes success.

Lend also recently extended its stable working capital with online lender APICKLE and specialist lender Australian Business Credit, as well as the integration of Selfco Leasing into its asset finance business.

APICKLE’s pay-as-you-go compensation plan offers a short trading period starting at six months and greater flexibility for finance and stocks, while Australian Business Credit specializes in products for brokers, planners and property managers. These include track book loans, rent rollover loans, and planner loans to access funding against ongoing track and income streams.

No real estate collateral is taken or required to benefit from these loans.

On the other hand, Selfco Leasing is an equipment finance company aimed at small businesses in the transport and construction sectors. Its Equity Funding product is aimed at clients looking to raise funds for equipment otherwise difficult to finance, such as engine rebuilds, hangars or non-serialized assets.


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