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Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly common application, both in business and in leisure, just ask Siri or Alexa.

It is therefore not surprising that it will play a vital role in the future of the banking sector.

Currently, that future is on display at the Lowell branch of the Workers Credit Union.

At this location on 1201 Bridge St., customers of the Littleton-based company will encounter an interactive holographic robot that speaks multiple languages, a humanoid robot capable of telling jokes, and a person-to-person ATM.

Olivia, the holographic robot, who also communicates in American Sign Language (ASL), can answer several basic questions and schedule appointments, both on site and remotely.

Pepper, the humanoid robot, can also provide basic information, while entertaining accompanied children.

Another innovation, the Automated Teller Machine (ITM), works much like normal ATMs, but if customers want help, a live cashier is available for video chat.

Of course, fears of human job losses are increasing as artificial intelligence becomes mainstream.

In this case, director of banking services Peter Rice says that’s not a problem.

He pointed out that for virtually every ITM added, another remote teller will be hired to provide customer support.

Rice said that with robots taking care of basic tasks, checkout staff can devote more time to customers’ most pressing priorities.

We just hope that these innovations will continue to create a commensurate amount of employment opportunities for humans.

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