New iPhone iMessage GIF search brings up adult images

One of the most important new features in iOS 10 is that the iMessage app now supports extensions. In other words, you can add additional features including the ability to find and add GIFs. The problem is, the content filter doesn’t seem to work very well, leading to decidedly NSFW results.

Many tech sites have reported that adult images appear in Bing-powered search. For example, by searching for the word “butt,” a GIF of a character from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic called Fluttershy did… well, let’s just say she was more than friendly. And far from being shy.

Apple has since blocked searches for “butt,” but other basics have emerged – even through seemingly innocuous searches. For example, a search for the word “huge” also revealed an explicit GIF – thankfully, a GIF featuring humans as opposed to anthropomorphic equines, but still not something parents would want their little ones to see.

Apple is probably far from happy with that – it’s notoriously restrictive when it comes to adult material. As Steve Jobs once said, “People who want porn can buy an Android phone.” There are already other filters in place on the GIF search, so we’re sure it will work hard to remove any holes that have been exposed.

Source: The edge

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