North Wales Credit Union calls for volunteers


MORE volunteers are needed to help Welsh communities access ethical savings and loans following the financial impact of Covid-19, it has been said.

The statement comes from the Cambrian Credit Union as the nation celebrates Volunteer Week (June 1-7).

The member-owned financial cooperative based in North Wales relies on the voluntary support of people who help them make decisions and work in the community.

This has been especially significant over the past year when Covid-19 lockdown restrictions impacted people’s finances due to unemployment, time off or reduced hours.

Ann Francis, Managing Director of Cambrian Credit Unions, said: “Volunteers are the lifeblood of the credit union movement as they take on a wide range of roles, from volunteering in the community to as directors.

“As restrictions begin to ease across the country, we want to encourage more people who may have suffered financially during the lockdown to access our ethical financial services.

“Therefore, the need for more volunteers to help make a real difference in the financial well-being of people within their own communities is greater than ever.”

The 37th Volunteer Week is celebrated by small local organizations as well as larger and well-known charities, which together organize hundreds of activities across the UK.

According to the National Council of Voluntary Organizations, 19.4 million people volunteered through a group at least once a year before the pandemic and more than 11.9 million did so at least once a year. month.

The voluntary sector is estimated to have contributed £ 18.2 billion to the UK economy.

Paul Green, Volunteer President of Cambrian Credit Union, said: “Credit unions have a valuable role to play in a community that would otherwise be occupied by fairly unscrupulous businesses.

“Volunteering gives me a purpose because it allows me to connect with a wide range of people who work together with a common goal: to benefit others.

Volunteers can help shape the future of credit unions by presenting themselves as a volunteer board member at the AGM.

The range of board members for credit unions differs by background, occupation and experience.

Volunteering can help people gain valuable new skills and experiences, which helps them develop a CV and strengthen their professional skills.

It also builds confidence and helps people realize how valuable they are to an organization through their volunteer work.

To learn more about how to become a volunteer, contact Cambrian Credit Union on 0333 2000 601 or visit


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