Onslow County Sheriff’s Office warns citizens of the news


JACKSONVILLE, NC – With the help of local media, our Facebook page and word of mouth, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of a new scam.

If you receive a call from 910-378-2499, or any number with a recorded message claiming to be the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department, please do not return their call. The number is not associated with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office and is a scam.

Sheriff Hans Miller also reminds citizens of several other scams we published previously:

“Jury scam.” – A false allegation that a citizen failed to appear for jury duty. (Call the courthouse jury coordinator directly for verification).

A relative in custody in need of money for bail, or in a medical facility in need of money (known as a “sympathy scam”).

“Sweepstakes or sweepstakes or lottery scam”. Request a “processing fee”. Fraud.

“Data mining scam” when an unknown or unverified party requests personal or banking information. “Phishing.”

“Debt Consolidation Loan Scam,” too good to be true. No free money.

“IRS scam” claiming you owe the IRS money and will be arrested unless you give the hacker (posing as an IRS agent) money or a gift card.

“Bank Account Service Update Scam” (claiming your account needs to be updated, when they are really trying to steal information and access your money).

“Social security scam” (like bank account scam; they try to get you to update your information so they can steal your identity).

“Arrest warrant scam” (claiming that there is an arrest warrant against your arrest and that you will go to jail unless you pay the appellant (usually in gift cards).

“Electricity company scam”, claiming your electricity will be cut off unless you pay a charge to the caller.

Please always protect yourself, your family, your possessions and even your friends and neighbors. Please be careful to check before trusting.

Please inform your family members, neighbors, church members, coworkers, friends and everyone else about these illegal scams.


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