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Are you aware of the proposed infringement of another of our rights and freedoms as Americans?

The Fourth Amendment is found in the Bill of Rights: the right of people to be safe in their persons, homes, papers and belongings from unreasonable searches and seizures must not be violated and no warrant must be issued. , but on a probable cause, supported by oath or solemn affirmation, and describing in particular the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be searched.

The current administration – President Joe Biden and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, along with their advisers, are suggesting that our banks and credit unions submit any purchase of $ 600 to the Internal Revenue Service. or more.

If you buy a sofa or a cow, our government will know. Are you sure you want this reported to the IRS? Their counter-argument to dissidents is that banks already report to the IRS any interest earned of $ 10 or more on our accounts. While this is true, how does reporting our expenses of $ 600 or more help catch tax cheats? If they suspect cheaters, and there is a plethora of them, get a legal search warrant and prosecute them specifically, not after everyone else.

It could lead to a huge invasion of privacy unlike any this country has ever seen. Millions of law-abiding Americans could suddenly have their bank accounts opened to federal investigators for nothing more than buying a refrigerator. It is simply unacceptable. To make matters worse, the proposal says saving for college could put an American family on the IRS’s radar, and the costs of that surveillance and reporting will most likely be passed on to the public.

The administration will do it anyway, because they are not listening to any reasoning that does not conform 100% to what they want to do. They are totalitarian and determined to control all aspects of your life. This policy will be a good start. Call it socialism or communism or whatever term you want to use, it’s suggested.

Everyone should call their Senators and House Members and tell them that you do not want your transactions over $ 600 turned over to the government in accordance with our Fourth Amendment rights and freedoms.

How much do you bet that members of the Senate and the House will be exempt from this policy if it is enacted?

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