T-Mobile announces equality of smartphones, removes offers from “well-qualified buyers”

Continuing his Uncarrier program, CEO John Legere took to T-Mobile’s blog, as well as YouTube, to announce Equality of smartphones, a new program that benefits every T-Mobile customer who pays their bill on time.

Starting today, any T-Mobile customer who has paid their bill on time in the past 12 months is instantly approved for the operator’s best deals on smartphones and the service.

This change is a response to the wireless industry’s tactic of spending billions of dollars advertising $ 0 down payment costs to consumers, when the majority of Americans are not even “qualified” to. such a deal because of their credit score.

In one video, Legere calls it all “BS”, while also explaining how simple equality of smartphones is.

With today’s announcement, every T-Mobile customer who has paid their wireless phone bill on time for 12 consecutive months will be eligible for our best device price on every smartphone and tablet we sell, including including no down payment with no interest and no credit check. This new approach puts the relationships we have built with loyal customers above their credit scores. It’s a simpler, healthier way to assess credit – our story with you.

You can watch John’s full video blog below.


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