T-Mobile officially launches Netflix On Us

Today is the day that T-Mobile’s latest carrier-less move officially goes live.

Netflix on us is now available. With that, T-Mobile will cover the monthly cost of a standard $ 9.99 plan, which lets you stream to two devices at once. If you have already signed up for a Netflix subscription, you can merge your T-Mo and Netflix accounts and T-Mobile will pay for your Netflix subscription.

If you’re interested in Netflix’s $ 11.99 premium plan, which offers streaming on up to four devices and Ultra HD, you can sign up after signing up to Netflix On Us. You will then pay the difference of $ 2 via your T-Mobile bill.

To be eligible for Netflix On Us, you must have a T-Mobile One family plan with taxes and fees included and at least two phone lines. If it’s you you can log into My T-Mobile, go to Plan, select Edit Services and add the Fam Incl. Netflix functionality at $ 9.99 on your account. You can then click the Register for Netflix button to set up your Netflix account.

The following plans are not eligible for Netflix On Us:

  • No credit check
  • Prepaid
  • T-Mobile @Work
  • T-Mobile ONE Voice with one line
  • T-Mobile ONE 2 lines for $ 100 incl.
  • T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ tax incl.
  • All plans excluded from tax
  • All mobile internet plans (including DIGITS, LineLink and Wearable)

It’s also worth noting that signing up for Netflix On Us also gets you child benefit. Family allowances allow you to control the management of conversations and SMS on the lines of your account, allowing you to set a talk time limit for all calls, to block the use of the device for defined periods, to define numbers never allowed, etc.

So now that it’s officially live, have you signed up for Netflix On Us?

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