Thieves Target Handbags in Longview Retail Shopping Carts, Use Stolen Credit Cards to Buy Untraceable Gift Cards | Crime and courts


Eades called the crimes “bold enough” because the suspects approached the victims.

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He said video showed suspects speaking to a victim as a distraction while someone ripped the victim’s wallet from the cart. Another video showed a suspect dropping his purse, and as the victim helped pick up the spilled items, someone pulled the wallet from the victim’s cart.

Recent reports of criminal activity from our local law enforcement agencies.

“Crime of opportunity”

Eades said customers who do not take action to protect their property could be targeted.

“It is a crime of expediency,” he said. “They are looking for people to find with wallets who are not aware of this.”

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Grocery Outlet owner Mike Casanover said he had not received any reports of stolen wallets at his Longview location, but had heard of similar thefts elsewhere. Eades confirmed that he had not heard of any stolen wallets from the grocery store.

Casanover said he encourages customers to stay near the carts.

“If you have a purse in it, definitely don’t walk away from it,” he said.

Eades suggested that people keep their purses around their shoulders while shopping and always keep their purses closed.

Shoppers should be aware of people lingering nearby or having distracting conversations near their cart, police said.


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