This anti-buzzkill site sends your emails straight to spam (on purpose)

Usually you send emails to get people to read what you have to say, but in (very) certain circumstances you might to want your email to slip into someone’s spam folder. Maybe you’ve agreed to help with a project that you don’t actually have. want to do, but you Also I don’t want to get in trouble for ignoring him. Maybe you feel obligated to invite someone to a party, but you don’t. Actually want them to attend.

There is a quick fix! Best friends Adnan Aga and Taylor Tabb established Direct spam 2, a site that generates spammy buzzwords in a tiny white-colored font. Paste the horrible text string into your email and it will send everything straight to the spam folder. Here is the catchy text:

#1 $$$ 100% Act Now Action Extra Income Affordable All Natural/New Amazed Apply Now Avoid Being Amazed/Your Own Boss Bitcoin Beneficiary Billing Billion Bonus Boss Buy Call!!!!!! Free/Now Cancel Crypto Cash Casino Certified Cheap Click Here Clearance Collect Compare Rates Congratulations Credit Card/Check/Offers Cures Deal Dear Friend/Someone Debt Discount!!!!!! Direct Email Don’t Delete/Feel Free Double Your Income/Cash Earn Extra Expire Fantastic Free!!!!! Access/Money/Gift Freedom Friend Get It Now/Started/Paid Great Guarantee Hello Income Increase Sales/Traffic Instant Junk Investment Limited Lose Lowest Price NFT Luxury Earn Money ???? Name of medicine money!!!!!!! No Credit/Experience Check Now Bond Offer Only Open Order Now Please Presently Problem Promise Purchase Quote Rate Refinance Refund Remove Demand Risk-Free Sales Satisfaction!!!!!! Save Score Serious Spam Success Supplies Take Action Terms Traffic Trial Unlimited Urgent!!!!! Weight While supplies last Winner Winner XJS*C4JDBQADN1.NSBN3*2IDNEN*GTUBE-STANDARD-ANTI-UBE-TEST-EMAIL*C.34X

If your recipient asks you why you didn’t invite them to your party, you can assure them that you definitively sent the email.

This all kinda reminds me of the SNL “Jiffy Express” skit about some invented mail service that backdates the mail you send, so the recipient thinks you definitively don’t forget to send a birthday card in time.

Who did this? Adnan and Taylor, both 25, met while working at an experiential marketing agency called Deep local in 2018. When the pandemic rocked the advertising field, the duo had more freedom to do creative projects. They made a practical guide to a musical soap dispenser (“We both really wanted Dua Lipa to start playing when we pumped the soap dispenser”), and a “Hot Vine Hotline” that plays popular Vines six-second audio whenever you call 1 -775-HOT-VINE. They did “Chad Free Zoneto swipe left on any Tinder user with a first name you don’t like. Another goofy site, inspired by a scene from the TV show Nathan for you gave way to Straight2Spam. But it didn’t take off right away.

“We created it and put it on the ‘’ domain in 2020, but then forgot about it,” Adnan told me over the phone. But over the past weekend he was “a few beers” and telling friends about the site. When he realized the domain had expired, they begged him to bring it back. The next morning he put in line.

To pose as email scammers, the duo scoured their own spam folders for the rudest buzzwords they could find, added crypto lingo and the EICAR test file. If everything works as expected, the words will trigger spam filters. But the plan is certainly not perfect and Adnan and a warning at the bottom of the site warns users: “don’t blame us if you do something stupid”.

Plus, if your recipient understands your antics, you’ll have to give a mortifying explanation as to why you hid the spam filter triggers in your email – which sounds like a nightmare.

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