This hot new card earns up to 6% back at Walmart

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It fulfills an indispensable role in our reward maximization strategies.

Key points

  • The new US Bank Shopper Cash Rewards Card offers up to 6% cash back at popular retailers.
  • Pick two retailers each quarter from a list that includes popular stores like Walmart, Target, and Apple.
  • The 6% cash back category is capped at $1,500 in combined category purchases each quarter.

Whether you have one rewards card or 10, the goal is the same: to earn as many rewards as possible on your purchases. To that end, the key to maximizing your rewards is to seek out the best rates on the purchases you make the most.

For some purchases, it’s easy. You can find cards with bonus rewards on travel, restaurants, and even streaming services. But outside of these popular categories, finding the right card can be trickier, especially when it comes to some of the retailers we shop from every day.

Want bonus rewards at Walmart or Amazon? How about a card that will reward that holiday shopping spree at the mall? Often, earning rewards on these types of purchases means signing up for a store credit card. And while some store cards are worth it, many others aren’t.

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Meet the card that rules them all: the US Bank Shopper Cash Rewards™ Card. Yes, the folks who brought you the US Bank Cash+® Visa Signature® Card, one of the best cash back cards for maximizing rewards, have done it again.

Earn up to 6% back at major retailers

The new US Bank Shopper Cash Rewards™ Card is a unique card that offers up to 6% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases at two major retailers each quarter.

Which resellers? This is the kick; you can choose where you earn bonus rewards from a list that includes a ton of big names:

  • Ace Hardware®
  • Apple®
  • Anthropology™
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond®
  • Best Buy®
  • Crate & Barrel™
  • Disney®
  • The Home Depot®
  • Ikea®
  • Kohls®
  • Lowe’s®
  • Lululemon™
  • Macy’s™
  • Menards®
  • Nordstrom™
  • Barn® Pottery
  • QVC®
  • Restorative Materials™
  • Target®
  • Walmart®
  • Williams Sonoma®

It’s a long list, but a few of these names stand out more than others. For example, Walmart is included in the list. And yes, it’s Walmart, not just By comparison, the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard only earns 2% at Walmart stores and 5% online.

The addition of Walmart is particularly interesting given how many people shop at Walmart. Traditional grocery rewards credit cards generally don’t count Walmart stores as groceries, so you don’t earn the bonus rewards. Now this card can fill that gap in your rewards – and at a rate comparable to the best grocery store rewards cards.

But Walmart isn’t the only name worth noting. Target, Amazon and Best Buy are also on this list. All three retailers offer high rewards rates (or, in Target’s case, discounts) – but they still pale in comparison to the US Bank Shopper Cash Rewards™ Card (at least until you hit the cap quarterly of $1,500).

Oh, and to top it all off, you can choose new retailers each quarter – or keep the ones you already have. This makes it easy to tailor your bonus categories to your spending habits. So you can choose Walmart for back-to-school shopping, then switch to Apple or Macy’s for holiday shopping.

Up to 3% back in an everyday category

Selecting your retailers isn’t the only choice you’ll have to make each quarter. You can also choose a 3% return category from a list of daily options:

  • Petrol and EV charging stations
  • wholesale clubs
  • Domestic bills and charges

Your 3% return is capped with its own purchase limit of $1,500 per quarter. As with your 6% categories, you can choose a new one each quarter, or re-select the one you chose previously.

Once you hit your spending limits, you’ll earn 1.5% on qualifying purchases. This is also quite remarkable considering that most cards with such high bonus categories only earn 1% back on out-of-category purchases.

$95 annual fee waived the first year

Alright, so you can’t expect a card this good to be entirely flawless, can you? And you would be right. Starting in the second year, cardholders will be charged an annual card fee of $95. That said, it still gives you a year with no annual fee to see how much you can earn.

Beyond that, you’ll need to consider whether the card is really worth that annual fee. For those who can max out categories by 6% each quarter, you’re looking at $360 cash back per year. Max out the 3% category and you’ll earn even more. But if you find yourself falling short, it may be best to stick with cards with no annual fee, even if they earn less.

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