This rewards card offers 5% rewards on climate-friendly spending

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Climate-friendly shopping just got a little easier.

Key points

  • There are many rewards cards, but not all cards reward shoppers for green purchases.
  • The FutureCard Visa® card offers 5% rewards on climate-friendly purchases.

There are many different types of rewards cards, and they’re a great way to earn cash, points, and miles when you use a credit card to make purchases. There’s a new card that rewards cardholders for their climate-friendly spending. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, this may be a good rewards card option to consider.

Most consumers are aware that their daily actions have an impact on the environment. It is possible to change your daily habits to treat the Earth more carefully.

This includes rethinking your buying decisions.

The FutureCard Visa® card, issued by First Electronic Bank, can help you earn rewards when you make purchases that have a positive impact on the environment.

Presentation of the FutureCard Visa® card

When you use the FutureCard Visa® card to make climate-friendly purchases, you get 5% back in rewards. Other purchases made with your card will earn you 1% rewards. Earned rewards are automatically applied to your account.

Products and services with significantly lower carbon emissions are eligible for rewards.

Here are some examples of purchases that would be classified as climate-friendly:

  • Purchases of trains, buses, subways, metros, light rail and commuter trains
  • Online marketplaces for used clothing and thrift stores
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Bike shops (this includes bikes, e-bikes, cycling accessories and repairs)
  • Self-service electric scooters, mopeds and bicycles
  • Meat, dairy and egg products of plant origin

The FutureCard Visa® card also partners with sustainable brands to offer additional rewards to cardholders. For example, cardholders who use their card to spend money at Rad Power Bikes, an e-bike and cycling gear store, can earn 6% on their purchases.

It should be noted that rewards earned at a rate greater than 1% are capped at $25,000 in spend per calendar year. Once you reach this spending cap, all purchases will only earn 1% rewards.

No credit check is required

This card is different from a classic credit card.

This is a rewards card that you will link to your bank account. No credit check is performed during the application process. Instead, you’ll connect your bank account.

There is no annual fee to use this card and no interest charges.

Unlike other cash back cards where you schedule a payment to cover the statement balance each month, money will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account to cover purchases you make with your card.

As with any personal finance product, it is important to make responsible purchasing decisions and only use the FutureCard Visa® card to purchase products and services that you can afford.

Is this the right rewards card for you?

If you regularly make decisions based on the impact of your behavior on the environment, this might be the right rewards card for you. However, the regular 1% win rate is not competitive and you may be able to win more using other cards.

Using another rewards card can be helpful when making non-climate friendly purchases. Check out our list of the best rewards credit cards to learn more about other rewards cards.

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