Blogcamp/Spot is changing its topic and becomes Mediacamp Kyiv 2009

Concept of an informal conference for internet specialists of Blogcamp - planned to be changed to Spot, is changing. New conference will be devoted to online media projects, switching of traditional media to digital format and publishing business on the internet. Mediacamp Kyiv 2009 will be a new name of the conference in this renewed format. MediaCamp participants are journalists, editors, media managers, publishers and those bloggers that use blogs for publishing business purposes. MediaCamp will have representatives of both online and offline media - press, TV, and radio. Media specialists from both spheres will be able to learn from each other’s experience. The conference will accommodate 250-300 participants.

Organizers of the Mediacamp Kyiv 2009 conference are Internet Initiatives a civic organization that served as an organizer of Blogcamp CEE 2008, as well as Internews-Ukraine, an international civic organization that helped to organize the first Blogcamp CIS & Baltics 2007 and now is implementing MediaNext - a project aimed to develop new media.

Mediacamp Kyiv 2009 will take place in the first half of November in Kyiv. The exact date and place will be announced in August or September. A separate web-site will be set and it will inform on the preparation process for the event. The organizers believe that Mediacamp Kyiv 2009 will be one of the most remarkable event in the Ukrainian media community in the second half of 2009.

Blogcamp is becoming a part on new conference – Spot

Over a month ago preparation to Blogcamp 2009 started. The project is managed by an updated organizing team and we have very ambitious plans. The topics of the conference have wandered off from the themes of blogs and social media and we decided to give this event a new name. International conference for internet specialists from Central and Eastern Europe will now become “Spot”, while Blogcamp will become a part of Spot and will be organized during the conference. Welcome to Spot 2009!

Renewed Spot conference will be more wide thematically and will be slightly different from the barcamp format everyone is used to. We will try to engage well-known speakers from all over the world, the program will be predefined and the access to Spot agenda will be charged with a fee. However, the Blogcamp part will stay “unconference” – program will be defined by the participants and there will be no entrance fee. Spot and Blogcamp agendas will run simultaneously.

Spot conference will take place in Kyiv, on October 30-31, 2009 in ACCO International exhibition center (address: Pobedy ave. 40-B).

Investor Day, organized last year as a part of Blogcamp, is becoming an independent partnering event of Spot. Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe 2009 will take place on October 28-29 on the same venue in ACCO International. The official Investor Day web-site is

At the moment we are working on Spot conference web-site which will be launched on a new address. Until then you can read the news about conference preparation on Follow our updates and start planning the trip to Kyiv in the end of October.

Winners of Start-up Contest

On the 19th of October, during Investor Day finalists of start-up contest presented their projects to the jury. In the evening of the same day the winners were selected in each of two nominations:

  • Seed Stage – the project is on the level of idea or early prototype, needed investments – from 50 to 150 thousand Euro.
  • Early Growth Stage – the company has already started selling products/services and has a stable growth, needed investments - from 500 thousand to1 million Euro.

The winners of the contest are projects Hippocrat (Seed Stage) and ClienteQ (Early Growth Stage). The first project is a social network for those who care about their health; the second is a CRM solution for joined work of companies and their clients. Both winners received invitation to attend Silicon Valley Open Doors 2008. However, the most important results for all winners and finalists were the opportunities to contact with investors, to present them their ideas and receive evaluation and feedback from venture business professionals.

Blogcamp CEE 2008 in Photos!

We have already uploaded the photos which we gathered from some of you and partially have made ourselves. Now it's up to you - we are waiting for new links to your online albums - let's remind everyone what Blogcamp was like and visualize it for all those who didn't manage to attend. I will be constantly updating this post. And don't forget about copyright if you will be using these pictures ;)

Huge thanks to all those who have already shared their work with us!

Photo reports from Blogcamp CEE 2008!


Some statistics

After summing up all registrations and sessions it has turned out that:

  • Blogcamp has gathered 821 participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan and Estonia.
  • During three days 87 blogcamp sessions were hold and 3 sessions + 10 presentations of start-ups during Investor Day. In total - 100 sessions.

Last year we had around 350 participants and 60 sessions.
Pretty good dynamics, right? :)

Streaming mobile video from Blogcamp. Constantly updating!

provided by QIK

First thoughts about Blogcamp from the participants!

Third Blogcamp day has started an hour ago.

In this post we have gathered a part of your first thoughts, feedbacks and photos about first two days. If you wrote something, uploaded photos and want to share your thoughts with other Blogcampers - leave comments here and we will be constantly up-dating this post.

Microsoft welcomes bloggers

Microsoft Ukraine will present new products and technologies for bloggers at BlogCamp2008.

Today at 12:20 pm Igor Shastitko, known IT expert and internet enthusiast, will demonstrate the new generation of Windows Live products, in particular Live Spaces blog platform, a tool for easy blogging Live Writer/live Toolbar, and Live Photo Gallery. Those who are interested in development of dynamic content and gadgets for web sites will be interested to see Microsoft Popfly, and Microsoft Expression Studio will attract web designers.

This will be a very interactive demo, and Ihor will gladly answer all your questions.

Microsoft stand will also work in the main networking area during the day, where you will be able to get full information about new Windows Live products and see their demonstration. Free t-shirts are available for bloggers who have LiveID (those who don’t can register right on the spot).

Let’s communicate!

Let’s start!

Blogcamp first day has already begun! Everything you are used to doing online in the blogsphere and social web will move offline for the next three days. This is the time for making new contacts and non-virtual meetings, creating new projects and concepts, exchanging experience and ideas!

Blogcamp is a conference organized by its participants themselves. You make it what it is in the end. Give a presentation, hold a master class or a discussion, be active – Blogcamp is intended to create an atmosphere of constant brainstorm! Support this atmosphere on sessions, ask questions and dispute – discover intellectual and creative power of yourself and your colleagues.

You can also join the help team in order to help with technical organization and make Blogcamp better. Even if you are not a member of help team, you still are a co-organizer of the event. Improve Blogcamp and help it to overcome all the challenges.

In order to receive maximum benefit from Blogcamp:

  • Make acquaintances and exchange contacts non-stop. Do not miss an opportunity to share your ideas with new and old friends and colleagues in Networking Zone.
  • Share your positive emotions. Satisfaction from the event depends on your mood – Blogcamp will return your emotions back to you!
  • Help the presenters: develop their ideas, offer alternatives, and hint at analogies.
  • Publish reports about Blogcamp in your blogs – during the event and after it as well. Share what you receive from Blogcamp with the world.

And remember: Blogcamp is what we make it together!

Blogcamp at Night

Blogcamp is about networking and communication. Blogcamp parties are to make Blogcamp participants not only business partners but also friends.

On Friday night blogcampers are invited gather for coffee, beer and Blogcamp anticipation at Fidel bar (Hrushevskoho, 4b, near Hreschatyk).

Blogcamp grand party will kick off in Xlib club on 20.00, Saturday, October 18th. Inspirational atmosphere will be installed by a lounge band, DJ's and Blogcamp participants creativity. British electronic music project Cursor Miner will play for those who will decide to stay at Xlib after 23.00 (at additional fee).

50-hryvnia (7 euro) tickets will be available at registration, infodesk and from organizing group members on Friday and Saturday. Best Ukrainian Blog Awards contest winners will be presented free entrance for the party!

Xlib address is "Frunze 12", and it is just 10 minutes walk from Blogcamp and Kontraktova ploscha subway station.

On Sunday after Blogcamp closing we are gathering in Kupidon club (Pushkinska 1-3/5, near Hreschatyk) to recall the pleasant moments of Blogcamp and discuss whatever is left not discussed after Blogcamp.

Start-up Contest Finalists – 10 out of 126

10 finalists of start-up contest have been chosen to present their projects on the 19th of October during Investor Day. Below you can find the list of finalists with short description of each project. There were 126 applicants for the contest from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and Romania. According to the rules, 30 semi-finalists were selected, reviewed and assessed by contest experts. All projects which did not make it to the final will receive expert feedback and recommendations, as well as will be able to make presentations on Blogcamp and participate in panel discussions and presentations during Investor Day.

On the 19th of october jury will choose the winner in each of two nominations (Seed Stage and Early Growth Stage). There are also winners of other international contests among finalists, therefore a very serious competition is expected. The winners will receive invitation for a SVOD 2008 conference which will take place on the 20-21st of November in California.

Finalists of Start-up Contest (the list is published in alphabetical order):

Seed Stage

DomVsem is a real estate portal and search engine that will deliver flexible search, accurate results, eyecatching property visualization, advanced mapping and a range of features to help real estate agents and agencies do their jobs more effectively. DomVsem claims to change the way users search for real estate and the way agents and agencies advertise online by qualitatively shifting expectations of what the user experience should be.


Here Comes the Blogcamp Agenda!

Enjoy the agenda to schedule your participation in Blogcamp.

Friday, 17th of October is an introductory day with light agenda, but especially interesting for those who wish to get acquainted with Eastern European internet markets.
Friday agenda:
13.00 - Registration starts
14.00-14.20 – Blogcamp Orientation Session – Oleksandr Demchenko
14.20-15.00 – Central and Eastern European Markets review – Dmytro Lysiuk, Gemius
15.00-15.30 – Ukrainian Internet Market – Oleksandra Teliatnikova,
15.30-16.30 – Presentation of internet markets of CEE countries by international Blogcamp participants
16.40-18.00 – Excursion around Kyiv, provided by

Saturday, 18th of October is the core Blogcamp day with the most intense agenda with up to 6 barcamp parallel session slots. Every Blogcamp participant (yes, including you) has an opportunity to hold a session in one of agenda slots. Please register your session at the respective website section and write it down to the agenda sheet on Saturday morning.
Saturday agenda:
09.00 - Registration starts
10.30 - Blogcamp opening (3rd floor room)
11.00-13.30 - Four 30-minutes barcamp sessions in each of 6 rooms with 10 minutes breaks
13.30-14.30 - Lunch (participants are free to have a lunch at any location nearby)
14.30-17.00 - Four 30-minutes barcamp sessions in each of six rooms with 10 minutes breaks
17.10-18.00 - Best Ukrainian Blogs Award Ceremony
20.00-... - Blogcamp party in Xlib club

On Sunday, 19th of October, three rooms will be reserved for barcamp sessions and one for Investor Day of Blogcamp.
Sunday agenda:
10.00 - Blogcamp location opens

Application Deadline for Blogcamp Start-up Contest Extended!

We have received about 80 applications for participation in Investor Day start-up contest to be held on Oct. 19th at Blogcamp CEE. These 80 projects represent 5 countries, namely Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania and Moldova.

We were also asked by start-up teams to put off the application deadline. Blogcamp organizing team have made a decision to extend the application up to 9th of October to give their projects an opportunity to participate in the contest.

The shortlist of contest finalists invited to present as Investor Day will be released on October 13th.

Start-up contest also welcomes experts who have recently joined our board - Alex Gurevich of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (USA), Evgeny Pilyankevich – TechInvest (Ukraine), Sergey Grebenyuk and Mykhaylo Lopatin of DolphinStrategy (Ukraine). We have now 27 investment experts on board representing Ukraine, USA, Poland, Russia, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain and Norway.

It's time to search for accommodation in Kyiv!Useful links.

Dear friends, we have prepared information which should help you find accommodation for Blogcamp! Below is the list of sites, where you can find information and contacts of Kyiv hostels, hotels and apartments for average prices.

In most cases the costs for apartments are stated not for one person but for apartment itself, therefore there can stay several people in one, two or more rooms. We suggest for everyone who comes from different cities/countries to join your efforts and rent apartments in groups, therefore everyone should spend no more than around $20 a day for accommodation (maybe a little more, maybe a little less).

Everyone who lives in Kyiv and can host one or several other blogcampers – please leave comments in this group or in the group “Kyiv” in this topic.

Hostels in Kyiv

Near “Kontraktova square” (close to the venue where Blogcamp will take place)

Hostel "Yaroslav"
Hostel "Kyiv"

Other hostels

«Na Tatarke»

Kyiv Hotels (good 3* hotels - Bratislava, Slavutich, Express, Mir, Lybid – up to 300-400 UAH for a day).

Let's tell everyone about Blogcamp!

Dear friends, we now have Blogcamp announcements, which can be used to let everyone know about the event:

Your help in promoting Blogcamp is very important for the event, after all, one of barcamp "commandments" is that every participant should participate in making it happen. This means that everyone of us should at least write about it in our blogs, and if you have other opportunities to tell about Blogcamp – just do it!

Our partners from PRP Ukraine share information about Blogcamp with mass media with Galya Danylenko as a head blogcamper of the agency. PRP Ukraine is with us for the second year in a row, they will help with announcement, with press-conference, with comments-interviews – to make even more people find out about Blogcamp. If you have ideas, which media can be interested in Blogcamp, or if you yourself are ready to write about it in your publication, Blogcamp press office is working 24/7. If you need additional information – write me and Galya, we will gladly help!

Internet CEE conference in Poland: one more Blogcamp partner event

One more conference on CEE Internet market is scheduled just in a week-and-a-half after Blogcamp. Gemius, the largest online research agency in Central and Eastern Europe, is organising the second international conference dedicated to the internet business in the region. Internet CEE will take place in Warsaw on 28-29 October 2008.

The event will assemble opinion-leaders from the internet industry in the CEE region. Their knowledge of expansion into dynamically developing neighbouring markets and their business experience will be of the utmost value to the three hundred participants. Online registration is available on the web site

Mike Hess from OMD, Sławomir Stępniewski from Isobar and Fedor Virin from will expand on the recipes for success in e-business. World class industry experts will also make up our stellar panels: Wim Vermeulen (Ogilvy), Saša Škorić (Oglasnik) and Mikhail Gourevitch (RBC).

The 300 delegates will come from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, the Adriatic region and Baltic countries. With representatives from international agencies, publishers and technology providers in the CEE region, there will be many opportunities to enhance existing knowledge and make new industry contacts.

The agenda will deliver thought-provoking content, fully reflecting the challenges facing the digital marketing community in the new markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The programme is divided into four subject blocks: “Social networks”, “New ways of advertising on the internet”, “TV online” and “Success stories”. The conference will have interactive activities running alongside panel debates.

New banners, buttons and amateur folk arts

Dear friends, we already have new Blogcamp banners – with transparent background (on your numerous requests), as well as “I'm going to Blogcamp” buttons. From now on all materials you can use to tell about Blogcamp “with pictures” are grouped and uploaded the following way:

You can download all materials in one file storage here.

Of course, all you, friends, can use these materials to make something on your own, to create your special way of saying: “Blogcamp is in a month! It’s going to be great, join in!” The wonderful news is that we already have such enthusiasts in our community. Aleksey Popov aka LeX from Kyiv suggests everyone who is willing to support Blogcamp place this fan-ribbon in your blogs:

What's new?

I have just rewind in my head everything that has happened during the last two days and understood, that there’s even too much news to tell. But I will try to share most of them with you! Let’s start:

  1. With the help of our old barcamp friend Rashad Aliyev aka wapxana from Baku we have wap-version of the site: Rashad, you are our hero! :)
  2. Now we have our own Twitter! Have you noticed a glamour flash block of our latest news on the right side of our site? Nice, right? :) Join in, and you will be aware of Blogcamp news right away!
  3. 3. After detecting 24 bots on the web-site (with MC Davidas a detective) we have installed reCAPTCHA. Therefore, dear friends, Stop spam. Read books.
  4. On request of acekievua we have added to the visible to all users profile version “Full name” item. Therefore now everyone not only knows that acekievua’s name is Zhenya Shevchenko, but can also sort and look for all of their buddies (and not only) using their real names in the userlist!

There can never be too many great people, especially at Blogcamp! :)

Day before our meeting in G-Club I want to ask you for some help! Tomorrow, apart from everything else, we will also talk about what, when and how Blogcamp will function and how you can help to make it even better. We will specifically need your help in promoting Blogcamp to our Central and Eastern European colleagues (bloggers, Internet-enthusiasts and professionals). These are mainly the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

I suggest to promote Blogcamp ideas using the following channels of communication:
1. Popular web 2.0 resources
2. Blogs
3. Social networks
4. Content sharing resources
5. Partnering events
6. Calendars of events

Blogcamp is getting closer! Let us prepare ourselves for it on Minicamp in Kyiv, September 20th!

This Saturday, on September 20th the next minicamp will take place (minicamps are monthly meetings of Ukrainian professionals and new media enthusiasts). The main goal of this minicamp is preparation for the main barcamp of the year - Blogcamp CEE 2008 which will be organized in a month – on the 17-19th of October in Kyiv.

Key topics of agenda will be: work on Blogcamp, which is created by its participants, search of people who can prepare presentations together and deliver interesting speeches on the event, training and tips for public speaking improvement, and as always - pleasant and useful networking atmosphere.

Minicamp will start on September 20th at 12 am inG-Club, Bozhenko str., 86-D, (underground station “Palats Ukraina”, find the map here).

You can find detailed agenda on Ukrainian version of this blog .

Official Blogcamp tag – BlogcampCEE2008

Dear friends, we already have materials which you can use in blogs, social networks and in all other places where everyone can find out about Blogcamp – all “what, where, when” and, most importantly, “why” of the event :) In this album you will find banners of different sizes in Ukrainian and Russian languages, and also Blogcamp logo – feel free to use all of them :)

And please, tag all your posts, videos, podcasts where you talk or write about Blogcamp with an official tag (BlogcampCEE2008).

100th Blogcamp Participant

The day after we have opened registration (yesterday) we already have our 100th participant! This happened around 2 a.m. and I happily introduce to all the bloggers Aksana Rakutsina aka Algerda.Plater from Minsk. Aksana, we had a heated argument this night about a nice present for you, but didn’t reach the agreement. The only thing you can be sure about is that you have a surprise waiting for you in Kyiv ;) And I am even more pleased, because you are my namesake, even though our names differ in one letter in our native languages. Welcome, Aksana, and let’s get acquainted! ;)

Besides, this 100th registration for us is a proof that Blogcamp is the event which everyone is impatiently waiting for and interested in, that we will have even more meetings and ideas this year! And this is great! :)

While we are talking about number, I can’t help myself but mention that this moment there are already 160 of us ;)

Registration is open!

Blogcamp time has finally come and registration for Blogcamp Central and Eastern Europe 2008 is now officially open! Register now to participate in Blogcamp CEE 2008!

Blogcamp is an event created by its participants – just like all barcamps. Therefore the first thing you need to do as a participant and at the same time organizer of Blogcamp is to spread information about it. Write a letter to your colleagues, post in your blog about registration start, spread information in social networks and put it into news feeds. This week Blogcamp needs to become number one news!

This year we have created Blogcamp social network to provide all the participants with an opportunity to get to know each other before Blogcamp, exchange information during the event and stay in touch afterwards. As in most social networks, you can create your own profile here, add users to your contact list, send private messages and communicate in groups.

Do you have something to share with other participants? Blogcamp gives everyone an opportunity to deliver a presentation. To do so, you need to present its topic and short description on barcamp page. You can also vote for each presentation, this rating will be mostly useful for all speakers – in order to estimate expected size of their audience.

Leave comments to blog posts, be active in groups, think of ideas to make this event better and remember that this Blogcamp will be as great as we will make it together!

PICNIC conference in Amsterdam on Sept. 24-26th. Special discounts are available for the Blogcamp community

Blogcamp proudly announces its partnership with PICNIC conference in Amsterdam.

From 24 to 26 September, thousands of creative minds from all over the world will gather in Amsterdam for the third annual PICNIC conference. PICNIC is three inspiring days of ideas, fun and sensory stimulation in media, technology, entertainment, art and science.

The PICNIC Conference is a high-level plenary meeting of bright, creative minds. The world’s best media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators share their stories. The buzzing heart of the action, the conference attracts more than 1,500 delegates from all over the world for series of groundbreaking sessions.

The PICNIC Specials are focused seminars, lectures and round table discussions that dive deeper into the PICNIC themes. The Specials attract thousands of people, and actively involve media labs, research groups, professional associations, cultural networks, innovation departments and educational institutions to share their latest insights.

The PICNIC Labs are practical workshops that challenge you to re-imagine your business, develop new products and services, refine ideas and formats and come up with creative business concepts. Products and services developed here will get feedback from experts, and a selection will be demonstrated at PICNIC.

This dizzying festival of ideas will also include top class entertainment, public lectures and master classes, art performances, demo sessions and pitch events, games, challenges and awards, press conferences and product launches, and a spectacular closing party. Programme information can be found on the PICNIC website at:

Ticket prices vary by package (see PICNIC website), but there is a 10% discount for members of the Blogcamp CEE community. This applies to any ticket purchased online via the PICNIC website. If you would like to join blogcampers Oksa Zavoyko and Yaroslav Azhnyuk (Yaroslav holds a speech at European Blogger Conference, PICNIC Special) at PICNIC conference, please write Oleksandr Demchenko to receive a discount code.

Bynet 2.2 on October 11-12th - Blogcamp's partner conference in Minsk, Belarus

You still have 45 days before Blogcamp, and there is a thing you may do just in 10 days. Blogcamp is happy to invite you to its partner conference in Belarus, “Bynet 2.2 Beta: in a new shape of the web”. There is no entrance fee for participants, so all you need to do to attend this conference is to register and be present in Minsk on 11-12th of October, 2008.

Bynet 2.2 intends to receive some 500 Belarusian IT professionals, bloggers, web developers, advanced internet users, owners, managers and marketing managers of online projects, IT journalists.

First day of the conference is focused on web development, and the second one is about social web, start-up business and online promotion in Belarus. Particularly, start-up hour is a set of 10-minutes presentations of the most promising national start-ups. Speakers come from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Conference will be broadcasted online, and videos of the speeches will be available for download after the conference.

Blogcamp CEE 2008 site is on!

This site is an official web-site of the Blogcamp CEE 2008 conference, which will take place in Kyiv on October, 17-19th. Here you will find general information about the event. All updates and details will be posted to this blog so subscribe via rss if you are interested.

Some time later we'll launch the social networking functionality here aiming to create a community of people, interested in new media and internet-startups as well as in Blogcamp CEE itself. We'll announce the launch in this blog as well, therefore it's one more reason to add us to your rss-reader.

In 2008 Blogcamp expands towards Central and Eastern European region, therefore we will have three working languages – English, Russian and Ukrainian. All pages on the site are translated and all blog posts as well. The only thing that will not be translated is information that will be left by the members of community.

We do our best to make Blogcamp the most inspiring and interesting event you have ever seen, and everybody is welcome to join us.


Blogcamp CEE 2008 is over. See you at the Blogcamp CEE 2009 next fall!
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